Luscious Lashes

Bwahahahaha…ghouls, goblins, annnnndddd…..lashes?! Yes, it’s the time of year where you can totally dress up as whomever or whatever you’d like and really not be judged for it!….click here to read more.

Don’t Cry!

The preparations are being made, celebrations will soon be in full force, as well as full blown tantrums…and I’m just talking about the adults! ….Click here to read more!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

It’s finally April!  And ladies, maybe you’re working on maintaining that summer figure now that we’re inching closer to warm beach weather! Or maybe you just have an overall all goal of eating healthier, with the occasional chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth….Click here for more!

Focus?!…I Can…Hey Macarena

I know, it’s been a long day at the office and your mind is on 50 million other things at the moment and not on the work in front of you! What’s for lunch? What’s for dinner? Did I shut the garage this morning? And so on and so forth! Your Facebook notifications are blowing up your mobile or maybe it’s just some God awful chain messages, or your significant other texting away. Whatever the case may be, let’s face it, distractions in the office are major productivity killers! This week, Dr. Kash takes a look at some of those “assassins” and how to manage them. Click here to read more.