Why Cherry Optical

State of the art equipment, skilled expertise, and outstanding customer service

Cherry Optical: A Rich History, A New Beginning


Located in the Detroit suburbs, Cherry Optical is a thriving, innovative optical lab that still espouses the family values of its heritage. Since becoming part of The Network, Cherry has excelled at maximizing the benefits of high automation. By connecting the lab’s surfacing, AR coating and finishing departments via conveyor, Cherry has brought outstanding efficiencies and time-saving to the lens making process. It’s also one of the few labs that can produce virtually any digitally surfaced lens from the likes of Essilor, Shamir and Kodak.



Eyeglass Lens Manufacturing

Cherry Optical is one of the first optical laboratories in the nation to process full backside prescriptions. We produce full backside prescriptions by the two major, worldwide lens manufacturers: Shamir and Essilor

Anti-Reflective Coating

Cherry Optical produces the world-renowned anti-reflective lenses. Our state-of-the-art anti-reflective lens manufacturing facility is nationally recognized by the industry as one of the finest facilities in North America.

3-Piece Mounts

Our high-quality laboratory is acknowledged for producing some of the best 3-piece mounts by world-famous designers. Our commitment to utilizing the most cutting-edge technology sets us apart from the competition.