Kodak Lens

See the Colors of Life

The Kodak PowerUp Lens low power option provides young patients with just enough magnification in the reading area to take the burden off the eye muscles when focusing on up-close digital devices. Adults in their 30s benefit from more power in the reading area to comfortably end their work day and continue through the evening, enjoying their personal devices.

Kodak PowerUp Lens provide comfortable vision near and far, all day. Combine with the patient’s distance prescription or use on its own as needed.

 • Blue Light Filtering: Filters up to 80% of High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light
• UV Protection: 100% protection from direct UV rays
• Glare Reduction: Provides protection from glare and reflections caused by digital devices (TVs, computer, handheld devices), LED lighting and energy-efficient fluorescent lights
• Object Recognition: Helps with object recognition in low-light and night-driving conditions.
• Significantly reduces Harmful Blue Light exposure
• Reduces potential eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to Harmful Blue Light