The Network Overview

The Only Alliance that PAYS YOU TO BELONG

Our organization is excited to share with you a unique offering that will unlock the potential for exclusive benefits generating a path for growth unlike anything the Independent EyeCare Professional has seen before. To bolster the value we deliver to the Independent EyeCare Professional, The Network has created a Buying Group that bundles your lab spend with your contact lens and frame purchases, delivering rewards on all purchases with the convenience of a unified billing structure.

Members of The Network Buying Group will receive rebates on lab orders sent to any of the participating Network of Labs based on qualifying monthly purchases. As a member of The Network Buying Group, you will also receive free shipping on all lab orders placed with any of the participating Network of Labs, providing membership requirements are met.

The Network Buying Group partners with Travelflo to reward its members. Travelflo will seamlessly put all rebated money you have earned into an account that can be used to purchase airfare, hotel accommodations, rental cars and much more. Additionally, Travelflo offers Gift Cards to over 400 retailers nationwide. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of this program to incentivize your staff for a job well done if you choose. Travelflo has been vetted and approved by the IRS and The Department of Justice as being in full compliance.