Younger Optics

As the quality lens innovators, Younger Optics commits to maintaining its reputation and consistently meeting customer needs. Products include Transition, Nupolar, Drivewear, and Trilogy.

When it comes to performance in effectiveness of polarization, heat stability, color stability, and film adhesion, NuPolar lenses out perform the rest. No matter colors, styles, or materials, NuPolar offers many lens options to suit your needs.

It’s hard to compete with the new UV-responsive photochromic technology that NuPolar Infinite Gray offers! The darkness of the lens is controlled through this new technology and adjusts to the sun,  as well as offers the widest range of light absorption. 

From bright sunny, glaring days to overcast and dreary weather, Transitions Drivewear offers the most fitting visual solution. Glare protection is provided through the polarization while also enhancing and protecting vision with its photochromic technology that responds to visible and UV light.

Ultra lightweight with phenomenal structural integrity while having the ability to be tinted, Trilogy lenses also provide impact resistance and thinness without compromising its performance.